domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

Nem todas as coisas que eu escrever dirá tudo

Every day when I meet her
I will tell you all the pretty phrases that I know
I'll lay beside you every night
Not like will not matter
you're my memory of a future that think never

We will overcome all footsteps on the ball I take
and you say
"His missteps are crazy"
I look at you like a boy without arms
So shed tears of apology and kiss him
I'll always be by your side,
even at the oddest hours.

When you are in trouble to help me.
Before the madness I dominate
So we are two crazy in a different world
Hey, I can not abandon you,
not in a thousand years

sorrow not in anger surrounding,
says you're fine, we're soft.
Somehow you're part of my life.
I never imagined this would happen
Everything is so cool.
Yes, everything is cool and different.

PS: E outra vez começo a semana bem!