segunda-feira, 19 de abril de 2010

love song

I caress the skin of Ana
I feel your touch on my lips
We're unprotected by the attacks of destiny
Her eyes in my life every day are more alive
Before all this happened I was living just for living
Now I want to feel your hands on my
Day by day we plan ou lives
His whole idea is felt by my heart
The fragrant smeel of your body
It's the relief of my vices
His eyes seem to me to decipher in parts.
Take this longing to go
She chained in a prison without walls
You're my deepest dream
Of a normal life that never wanted to follow
Let's sleep every morning.
Yes we will be insane, decent and drawbacks.
Dream and write, I promise your goodness
We met by coincidence.

só pra começar a semana bem!

2 comentários:

  1. vai se foder com isso, caramba!
    me fez chorar de novo, não acrediiito *-*
    que foooto liiindo, que palavras liiiiiiiindas...aaiii Jesuuus!
    te amo :*